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Web application for check company vibes

Peoplix will help increase business performance, reduce costs, attract and retain the best people. 

What is Peoplix for?

Peoplix will help increase business performance, reduce costs, attract and retain the best people.

What will you get with Peoplix?

Peoplix maps engagement in work teams, team culture, and people’s behavioural. It shows what kind of culture and leadership is best for the company and compares it with the current state.

Who is Peoplix intended for?

Peoplix is a tool for company management, HR managers and line managers. It is utilised for personal and team development planning, recruitment and strategic HR management.

How Peoplix works?

Data is collected using an attractive questionnaire that ensures high participation and validity of responses. Responses are strictly confidential, and access to results is determined by permissions.

Your mission 

Peoplix finds out what kind of company culture and leadership style suits your business best. Creates an ideal profile for your business

Your situation

Peoplix identifies the current company culture profile and how it is now working with people. It shows the differences to the ideal state.


Peoplix will show you what areas you should develop and suppress. Identifies the competencies you need to strengthen.

We will not leave you alone

We will help you to interpret the Peoplix results and implement the useful measures. Thanks to Peoplix, your business will be great.

Need advice?

On the results of real companies, we will show you how to use Peoplix to develop your business. We will share experiences with the development of culture, leadership and engagement in companies of various types.

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Peoplix allows me to monitor the mood in the whole company and, at the same time, the situation in individual divisions. Thanks to that, I can respond to possible problems in time. Within the Senior Management Team, we always discuss the results thoroughly and the conclusions are addressed to all the executives. I believe that it is important to work with the results as an incentive for further development. L.N.

HR manager

We use the Peoplix results as a basis for personal development planning for executives. They show what competencies are needed to be developed for individual managers. We can easily find out how everybody is able to meet his/her personal plan. C.M.

Department Head

Thanks to Peoplix we are able to improve the efficiency and performance of our team. Fluctuation decreases and the atmosphere is great. We can compare with other teams and that motivates us. R.U.


I am glad our company uses Peoplix. I understand this as an expression of the employer’s interest in the views of the employees. Our manager always discusses the survey results with us and plans development activities for our team based on them. Since we have been using Peoplix, I have enjoyed my work more and our results have improved. K.N.


I use Peoplix to quickly check an organization. I can easily design a progress strategy, having measurable parameters at my hand. The results of my work are clearly visible in Peoplix. Comparison of the results before and after the project documents my work results. A.L.

Our clients

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This book will help you and your business become more efficient and powerful and at the same time become a place where people like to work. It is intended for all those who lead people or are in charge of personnel development. You will learn how to measure things as unreachable as company culture, motivation and behaviour of people. On a few examples, you will see how easy and straightforward the obtained results can be used in practice. Here’s how to create motivated and powerful teams.