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Key to a great company

Web application for check the company vibes. 

Comparing teams

Peoplix maps engagement, culture, and behaviour in work teams. It compares teams with each other and shows how to develop them.

Overview and detail in one view

Peoplix focuses all the important team results on one page and allows you to create charts according to all parameters.

You can easily find teams with a particular team culture profile, individuals with the chosen type of behaviour and engagement.

Working with results is very fast and efficient. Peoplix uses easy-to-understand graphical symbols and intuitive navigation.

Using clicks, you move quickly in the organisational structure both horizontally and vertically. All data can easily be exported in pdf format.

Ideal and current state

Peoplix will show you what kind of culture and leadership style are best for your business. It detects the current state and compares it with the ideal profile.

What does your company need?

Flexibility or security? Relationships or focus on performance? Every company suits something different. The ideal culture of a manufacturing company is different from an advertising agency.

Peoplix identifies the current state of company culture, behaviour and leadership styles in the company. It also identifies how ideal profiles should look like. You will find out which areas you should develop, what competencies and style of behaviour to support to make the company more efficient.

Peoplix provides the groundwork for strategic HR planning at corporate, team and individual levels. Peoplix’s results are easy to work with.

Company, teams, individual

Peoplix’s results describe the entire company, work teams and individuals. They provide comparisons and identify influencers.


Participants receive anonymous ratings from their colleagues in the team. They will learn how others assess their engagement and style of behaviour. They identify the factors that the firm supports or, on the contrary, limits their engagement.


Team results show the predominant behaviour of team members, the team culture, and employees engagement. You will see which members have the greatest influence on the culture of the team. Within the team results, you will get an overview of the factors affecting the engagement of its members.


You will get insight into company engagement, culture, and leadership style. Comparing each team with each other will show you what kind of company culture and leadership style are best for your business. You will discover the areas that are worth developing.

Easy to use

Using Peoplix is easy. Create an account, enter participants and set up the organisational structure, and everything else Peoplix will do for you.

Easier than you expected

Peoplix is a web application, you only need a web browser and an Internet connection to use it. Work with Peoplix from anywhere.

The first step to using Peoplix is to create an account on our website. You will be logged in with your username and password to manage all of your campaigns and access your reports.

To create a campaign, you’ll need a list of participants with their mailing addresses. You will upload them to Peoplix through your account. You assign the participants to the teams, identify the team managers and possibly the organisational structure. You specify a start and end date for your campaign, and everything else happens automatically.

Participants will receive an invitation via e-mail with access to the questionnaire. The questions will be answered by clicking the mouse on the screen. It is accessible from anywhere. Once the campaign ends, the results are automatically processed and each participant will immediately gain access to them according to their classification in the organizational structure.

Time evolution

Peoplix compares actual results with previous ones. You can track the development of your company environment over time.

Historic data

Both company culture and style of behaviour are constantly evolving. Changes in the market environment, arrivals and departures of people, organisational changes and the impact of development activities have an impact on the company vibes. They are also reflected in employee engagement.

Peoplix provides an overview of the development of all important indicators over time. At company, team and individual levels, it shows the development of engagement including individual factors, company culture, and characteristic behaviour. It helps to discover the long-term trends and the impact of various events and changes on the internal environment of the organisation.

Long-term monitoring of engagement development is a tool for developing organisational performance and reducing costs. Engaged people perform more, less mistakes, and reduce the need to work with external motivational factors.

Language support

Peoplix is available in several language versions and can be easily used in international teams.




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3 easy steps to use Peoplix

1.  Create an account and choose your plan

2. Enter the participants together with their inclusion in the teams

3.  Set the campaign start and end dates

Everything else will make Peoplix for you. It sends invitations to participants and informs you about the course of the campaign.

After the campaign ends, everyone will receive the results according to the set permission level.

Hidden contexts

Peoplix will show what style of behavior and team culture support engagement. It reveals who has the greatest influence on the environment in the company. It provides guidance on what features and skills to develop. Helps to select new team members.

Culture and engagement

Peoplix analyses the relationship between team culture and the engagement of its members. It shows what kind of company culture to develop to maximise the team performance. Peoplix analysis reveals contexts that are not obvious at first glance. Interactive charts allow you to see complicated dependencies clearly.

Behaviour and engagement

Peoplix compares the behaviour and engagement of employees and the behaviour of their team colleagues. It allows you to identify which personal competencies lead to the growth of team engagement and performance. It provides clear background for personal development planning as well as incentives for team culture development.

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