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Frequently asked questions

Web application for check the company vibes

How does Peoplix work?
Peoplix is ​​a web application for determining employees’ engagement, team and company culture, and behaviour standards within an organization. It provides comparison of the organizational parts of an organization with each other and shows how the culture and behaviour affect the employees’ engagement.

Peoplix works on the 360° feedback principle, where team members assess each other. The results then comprise statistical processing of the responses. Questions within Peoplix are strictly neutral, meaning that they do not allow praise or criticism of a person to be assessed. Thanks to this, use of Peoplix is fully safe for the respondents.

The Peoplix survey is carried out within a time-limited campaign. The campaign can be created easily in a well-arranged administrative environment; the campaign users, as well as the organizational structure, can be uploaded in CSV format to the application, copied, or edited directly in the application. Sending invitations to users, reminders and ending of the campaign take place automatically.

Users have access to the results immediately after the campaign has ended. The results can be exported in PDF and XLSX format. The scope of permissions of access to results is determined by the inclusion of the user within the organizational structure.

How can I ensure the highest possible participation in my campaign?
Campaign participation is an employee’s expression of confidence in the employer, and the campaign itself is a manifestation of the employer’s interest in the opinions of its employees. The goal of the campaign should be to develop the company and improve the environment for employees.

People should know why Peoplix is being used, and they should understand that this is also in their interest. Sometimes it is useful to dispel fears about possible punishment or misuse of data. It is advisable to engage the whole business management structure from top to lower management in the active support of the campaign. You can then obtain high participation and relevant data.

Employees may refuse to participate in surveys due to lack of interest in the company or due to concerns about possible sanctions. Both are a manifestation of an unhealthy company culture. Peoplix is a tool for developing the company culture. Repeated use will cause a gradual increase in participation.

After ending the campaign, employees expect to be informed about the results and that the senior management will process these results. If you meet their expectations, participation will be higher in the next campaign.

How often should Peoplix be used?
It is advisable to use Peoplix at regular intervals. This provides you with the ability to monitor development over time. In order to be able compare the results, it is advisable to maintain a team structure as much as possible.

In general, the more dynamic the environment, the more often Peoplix should be used. The most common frequency of use of Peoplix is 1- to 4-times a year. In addition, Peoplix is useful when monitoring the impact of major changes, such as organizational changes, restructuring, major market changes, and so on.

How can I best use the Peoplix results?
Participating in the campaign testifies to the employee’s interest in events within the company. It is a commitment for the employer. If work with the campaign results is visible and transparent, people’s participation will be higher next time and their engagement will increase.

It is advisable to familiarize employees with the results of the campaign in the most detailed manner and to follow up with other activities. The best thing is to involve people in making changes and let them co-create the environment.

Will someone help me with interpreting the results?
There are plenty of options for result interpretation. It is useful to become aware of what information is being looked for and how to work with it. We recommend starting from the organization level and continuing through the team level to the individuals.

You can proceed as follows:

  1. Engagement at the organization level and state of the factors affecting it
  2. Pareto engagement curves
  3. Critical issues
  4. Type of organizational culture
  5. Predominant behaviour in the organization
  6. Comparing teams in terms of engagement
  7. The most and least engaged teams, their culture and behaviour
  8. Correlation between engagement, team culture, and predominant behavioural style
  9. Influence of leading team behaviour on engagement
  10. Comparing behaviour of leading team managers and peer-to-peer team managers

If necessary, our experienced consultants will be happy to help you with result interpretation as well as any follow-up measures in the form of a paid service.

How much does Peoplix cost?
The basic FREE account is free of charge and allows up to 5 users to participate in one team. It is designed for small teams and for trying the application.

If you only want to monitor engagement and the factors affecting it once a year, choose the FIXi account. If you want to use Peoplix more often than once a year, then the FLEXi account is better for you.

The price for Peoplix depends on the number of users. In the case of the FIXi account, you pay for participation in the campaign; in the case of the FLEXi account, you pay a monthly fee and the number of campaigns is not limited – the price remains the same.

For detailed information on prices, see the Price List on this website.

How can I get a Peoplix account?
You can easily create your organizational account at www.peoplix.com. You can choose the free of charge FREE account or paid FIXi or FLEXi accounts. You can change your account type later.

In the case of paid FIXi and FLEXi accounts, you can start a campaign immediately after you create it in the administration environment. You can access the results after you have made the payment using your chosen payment method.

Can Peoplix data be misused?
Peoplix is based on the principle of anonymity of responses. This means that neither the users nor the administrators have access to who has responded to what question and how.

Team managers have access to information on how members of their team or their subordinate teams have been evaluated by other team members. However, this data is anonymous.

Each user has access to the assessment of him/her by other team members. This data is also anonymous. The user also has access to self-assessing responses to questions in the Engagement section and to personal messages sent to him/her.

What equipment do we need for Peoplix?
Peoplix is a web application. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an Internet connection and a web browser.

The application is fully responsive, meaning that you can easily use devices with a smaller display (mobile phone, tablet).

It is strongly recommended to keep your operation system, web browser and anti virus programs updated.

Can I try Peoplix?
For a free trial, the FREE version has been designed that enables the creation an unlimited number of campaigns for up to 5 users.

To see the results of a larger company with more teams and campaigns performed, please contact us and we will upload the sample data to your account.

Can we manage campaign administration ourselves?
Campaign administration is very simple and intuitive. Everything is easy to resolve within one administration interface. An account owner may pass the administrative authorization to another administrator, but without the right to further administrative authorization chaining.

In the case of doubt, you can contact our support team.

How do I import a list of users?
You can either enter a user, i.e. first name, last name, email, and membership of a team, manually, or import this information as a CSV file. Another option is to copy and paste a text file.

For example, you can obtain a CSV file from Excel export. The CSV file must not have a header, i.e. the first row must contain the first user’s data. One row corresponds to one user. The row structure is

first name, last name, email, TEAM1, TEAM2, …

The data is separated by a comma; the email address is followed by the list of team names of which the user is a member. The number of teams is not limited (except for the FREE version).

Team managers and team hierarchies can be set directly in the application.

Can we export data from Peoplix?
Yes, the campaign results are available for download in the PDF and XLSX formats.
What should I do if the team has more than 12 recommended members?
Within Peoplix, team members can assess and add their comments on each of their colleagues. Thus, the questionnaire completion time increases with the number of members to be assessed. For 12 members, it takes about 45–50 minutes. If there are more members in a team, you can either accept a longer completion time, or split the team according to an appropriate criterion into several parts. For each team such created, you can identify the same team manager.
How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?
The completion time depends on the number of team members being assessed. For 12 members to be assessed, it takes approximately 45 minutes.