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5 steps to a great team

The best bosses know that what makes them great is their team. The great team is the result of the work of a great boss.


Despite you spend lot of time and effort while building your team, you support your people, organise their work, create a good atmosphere, but results sometimes do not happen. Some teams still work better than others.



Research on team work efficiency shows that the best people do not always have the best team. Skills are important but more important are interactions. The environment in which we work fundamentally affects how we utilise our potential.


5 characteristics of a successful team

1. Safe environment

One of the biggest demotivators is fear and concern. If we have concerns, we avoid the risk. Even the least progress is not without risk. Fear of ridicule and fear of punishment lead to passivity, defence and retention of information.

2. Confidence

It is important to rely on colleagues that they will behave responsibly and will not hurt us, that they will do a good job. Without confidence we are constantly guarded, we are building defence, important things we strive to do ourselves or control.

3. Clear structure

Role and tasks should be clearly identified. They may change over time, but at any point it should be clear who is responsible. Chaos can be fun, but it’s not effective.

4. A meaningful work

If the only reason for our work is that someone is asking for it, we will probably not be much engaged. If people work just because they have to, what do they do when no one is looking?

5. Visible results

Praise is better than criticism, criticism is better than silence. If we do not have the opportunity to see the outcome of our work, sooner or later it will stop wearing it. People need to know that their work is important for someone else.

How to create a great team?

A great and powerful team usually does not come from each other. You have a chance to create it when you systematically support the following areas.

1. Build trust

Trust is based on positive experience. Absence of negative experience may not lead to confidence. Encourage relationships, arrange to make people better acquainted. Hold the word and penalise the opposite.

2. Create a safe environment

Support search for new paths and take your mistakes as a source of experience. Appreciate your efforts while maintaining personal responsibility. Success and trouble should be the case for all. People like progress, stagnation is ruining.

3. Be challenging

Do not be satisfied with the average, only the best for you should be good enough. Everyone should know their roles and responsibilities. If someone does not deliver what he has, let him know. Give and ask for feedback.

4. Communicate

Share information with others and give them the chance to decide independently. Make sure everyone lives in the same world. Listen to yourself so you can evaluate what your listeners hear. Listen to the others.

5. Share your vision

Vision makes sense to work. Ask Why? and invite your colleagues to do the same. Support Critical Thinking. Get rid of things that make no sense.

Are you doing everything and yet you are not satisfied with the result? Try to look at it from another angle, ask someone outside of your team. Change perspective view.

Peoplix will reveal the factors that affect engagement in your team. Compares teams with each other and shows what needs to be reinforced and eliminated. Peoplix is the key to a great team.

Peoplix will show you the map of engagement in your company. It reveals the factors that reinforce it, and which, on the contrary, it inhibits. It gives guidance on the development of corporate culture and personal competencies.

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