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2 approaches to corporate culture

There has been much writing about the importance of corporate culture for the success of the company on the market. Few people today doubt that the corporate environment affects the performance and loyalty of employees and the quality of production.

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5 steps to a great team

Despite you spend lot of time and effort building your team, you support your people, organise your work, create a good atmosphere, and the results sometimes do not happen. Some teams still work better than others.

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7 tipes for work morale enhancement

Bad morale affects work results, company culture, teamwork, and many other indirect impacts. People often seek quick solutions. Pills sometimes work, but in the vast majority …

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What skills are the most important?

Speaking about personal behaviour can be touchy. We often use the scale “good or bad”. However, sometimes it is much more complex. Some behaviour can be useful in one particular situation and very

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How to increase employees’ motivation?

Figures are important in every company. Some people believe that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Based on figures we make decisions, assessments, planning. Even in people management

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